The Best Brands of Women’s Petite Clothing for Any Style

30th Aug 2019

One of the greatest ways we have to express ourselves is through fashion. The clothes you wear tell the world just who you are, what you care about most, and what your intentions are. A pristinely pressed suit jacket says this business lady is ready to take the world by force, while a soft, slouchy t-shirt and bright capris say that girl is ready to have some fun! No matter what you set out to do, you’ll always do it best when you’re dressed the part. At Four Seasons Direct, we carry a full range of styles, sizes, and brands, including women’s petite clothing, to help every woman dress for success.

The heartbreaking truth about the clothing market is not every store is in it for you. So many department stores these days are cutting back on their petite and plus-size departments to put their focus in the middle ground missy sizes. In short, they’re hedging their bets to make the most profit possible. It’s never about helping women find the right look – that much is clear in their small selection of mass-produced styles.

At Four Season’s Direct, fashion has always been our primary focus. More specifically, it’s our goal to make fashion accessible. Our moderate price points and wide range of sizes allow women of all walks of life to find the perfect outfit to express who they are. You’ll find our women’s petite clothing selection is far more diverse than what you’d get in a tiny department store corner. Our team works hard to make sure that every size category has the freedom of choice, with a wide range of items for you to craft a whole variety of different looks to suit your life. Our selection stretches across a variety of brands, styles, prints, and designs, giving you the full boutique experience from the comfort of your home.

Our team collects all the hottest styles from around the country and brings them back to us to keep our store current and on-trend. You’ll find a huge variety of labels here, including a few of our favorites. Browse through our Labels We Love tab to see the stars of Four Season Direct’s collection and get a sense of just what you can find here at our shop.

Our favorite labels cover everything from the basic essentials you’ll need to build up your wardrobe to the eye-catching accent pieces you can use to center your outfits around. Remember that when you’re planning an outfit, just like when you’re doing your makeup, you should pick one focal point. Whether it’s an exciting print tunic top or a dazzling new necklace, whichever focal point you choose should be the most eye-catching of your outfit. Make the rest of your outfit more subtle – leggings under the tunic top, a simple and sleek t-shirt under that sparkly necklace – to avoid drawing away from the focus or making a look that’s just too busy.

Our favorite go-to label for both energetic statement pieces and subtle basics is Ruby Rd. With a variety of prints, cuts, and styles, Ruby Rd. covers a wide range of looks to suit your needs. You’ll find silky tanks in both subtle, classic neutral shades and attention-catching, bright popping colors. Layer simple dresses and subtle tops under any of Ruby Rd. crisp printed jackets for an energetic and dynamic look, or go simple and sleek with one of Ruby Rd.beautiful printed tops and a few subtle accessories.

One struggle many petite women face is finding mature and sophisticated women’s petite clothing. If you’ve been on the hunt for more grown-up styles, let us recommend our Alfred Dunner collection. This brand collection is characterized by its soft colors and mature cuts, embracing the elegance of simplicity. Not to mention the perfectly fitted petite pants and capris designed specifically to complement those beautiful statement tops. If gentle, friendly, and mature is the look you’re going for, then Alfred Dunner is the place to start.

As we said before, it’s our mission to outfit women from all different walks of life with gorgeous styles that capture who they are. When it comes to an urban lifestyle, the rich tones and flowing fabrics of Democracy’s signature style is perfect for the city. Layer tastefully bunched shirts under cropped denim jackets for a youthful and energetic look, or go more casual with a relaxed, draping shirt and some cute skimmer jeans. Pick and choose your favorite pieces to create a look that’s both feminine and metropolitan.

Plus, if you’re looking for great jeans and bottoms, Tribal and Jag Jeans are both wonderful labels with high quality, stylish cuts and staple pieces any wardrobe needs. You can find everything from denim skirts to capris to full-length pants that make strong bases to build any look from.

So, whether you’re looking to try out a new style or on the hunt for the perfect top to complete your wardrobe, we’re happy to help you find all the clothes to make you shine. Keep living your best life, and check back here soon to see what the newest styles we’ve got in stock!