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What are the benefits of consignment?    The benefits of consignment stores go far beyond simply saving a few dollars. Shopping consignment and consigning your own things are great ways to make some extra money, save on things you would have purchased anyway, support your community and local economy, and help to protect our planet by minimizing textile and water waste through recycling. A seller can make some extra money for things she is no longer wearing simply by dropping it off for the contract term. 

What kind of merchandise will be accepted for Consignment?  Merry-Go-Round Consignment accepts women’s brand name clothing, handbags, and select shoes/boots, based on condition, style, age, current inventory, and customer demand. Items with visible wear and tear (holes, pilling, fraying, stains, broken elements, etc.) will not be accepted under any circumstances. We strive to provide only the very best quality consignments that are in great condition and in current fashion. We will not be consigning children's, men's or housewares. We reserve the right to reject any items we don’t feel will sell well in our store.

Will you have a list of brands we do NOT accept?  Yes, we will have a list of brands we don’t accept. Our list is at the bottom of the web-page. 

Do Consigned items need to be clean and free of defect?  Yes!  We are going to be very picky!  We are not going to wash consignment items. BUT, we will need the staff help to STEAM the consignment items.  We want to put the best foot forward in all of our stores at all times.

Can I bring all seasons of clothing and how many items can I bring at one time for consignment?  We will accept current seasonal clothing items to maximize selling potential. We announce when we will begin to accept new seasonal items on our social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, as well as via email. We encourage consignors to contact our store with any questions about acceptable consignment pieces. Since it is just a 90 day selling window, a consignor should realize that out-of-seasons items probably won’t sell in that short of time period. Consignors will only be allowed to bring no more than 15 items/day into the store. 

How does the consignor get paid?    Consignors agree to a 90-day contract and a 60/40 split on all merchandise sold, where Merry-Go-Round Consignment takes 60% of the sale and the consignor takes 40%. At the end of the 90-day contract, it is the consignor's responsibility to contact us regarding any unsold merchandise. If the consignor wishes to pick up unsold merchandise, a 5-day courtesy call is required so that we have time to gather the items. If a consignor chooses not to pick up unsold merchandise at the end of the 90 days, it becomes the property of Merry-Go-Round Consignment. We donate all unsold merchandise at the end of each season to various local charities, including the Discovery Shop and Dress for Success.

How do markdowns occur?    Consignors agree to the following markdown schedule for all items they are consigning: 

  • The first 60 days of the contract, items are sold at full price
  • On days 61-90 of the contract, items are sold at 25% off

Designer handbags are never marked lower than 25% off, and are only discounted at the discretion of the consignor and Merry-Go-Round Consignment.

How can I monitor my items as they sell?    Consignors who provide an e-mail address are able to securely log into their accounts  at any time to view current merchandise status, check their account balance, and see past payouts.

When do I get paid?    Consignors can check their account balances online at any time. Checks will be written no more than once every 30 days and only for amounts greater than $10. Consignors must pick up checks at the shop, however, special arrangements can be made if you live further than 10 miles away or in extenuating circumstances. Please let us know by phone or by email 24 hours before you intend to pick your check up so we can make sure we have it ready for you.

Can I take store credit?    No, we will not be issuing store credit for sold merchandise.  All monies owed to the consignor will be made in a form of a monthly check.

When can outside Consignors drop off merchandise?    Monday - Saturday from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.   The consignor will drop off the items for later evaluation by our staff.   Any rejected items (if applicable) we will call you to pick them up within 24 hours or you will forfeit them to charity.

Can I use Four Seasons Coupons or in-store discounts on Consignment items?    No, we cannot accept any coupons or in-store discounts on consignment items.

Will I get Four Seasons Rewards Points on Consignment Purchases?    No, Four Seasons Rewards points are not going to be available on Consignment items.

Can I return or exchange Consignment items?    No, all consignment items are “final sale”.


Store Brands we do not accept: 

Old Navy