Leading Midwest Fashion Retailer, Four Seasons, Launches New E-Commerce Website

22nd Sep 2014

Women’s Fashion and Specialty Shop Showcases Fresh Branding, Easier Navigation and Greater Customer Engagement at FourSeasonsDirect.com.

Geneseo, IL – October 6, 2014 – Four Seasons (http://www.fourseasonsdirect.com), a locally-owned, national e-commerce retailer featuring female apparel, accessories and the latest Petite, Junior and Plus fashions, announced today that they have launched a new e-commerce website. The new website includes a fresh vision for the 50+ year-old brand while maintaining a customer-centric, easy-to-shop, affordable approach to retail. The Midwest retail leader’s website offers expanded features, and customer-friendly navigation that allows website visitors to interact with the brand and products in an easier way.

For over 50 years, Four Seasons has brought affordable and fashion-forward items to communities across the Midwest through their retail stores in Illinois and Iowa, as well as to customers around the country via their website. After five decades, their same focus still applies; priding themselves on offering customers the latest Petite, Missy, and Plus fashions, along with the small-town customer service they were founded on.

“This latest iteration of Four Seasons online is a major milestone for us,” said Katie Andrios, President of Four Seasons. “We know people love coming into our stores, but they also want to interact with our brand and our products virtually, via computer or mobile device. They want to visit a website that is more consistent with the experience they get in our physical store. Sometimes they don’t have time to come into our stores, and our new website provides customers a great way to always find the latest products and to learn about special promotions.”

Over 50 years after patriarch George Kutsunis opened the first Four Seasons store, acting as the store’s owner, manager, and only employee, the same determination, hard work, and devotion to his hometown is still a main focal point to the success of the business, and always will be. The website’s new look and product offerings appeal to customers across the nation unfamiliar with Four Seasons, while still maintaining the same hometown feel for its loyal, decades-long customers.

“Our business is entering a new era, and we’re thrilled to take the e-commerce success we have had over the last 18 months into a website that is more modern and easy-to-use for our customers,” said Andrios. “We’re confident that our customers will appreciate the ease and look of the new website and will enjoy browsing our selections online, just like they have for decades in our stores.”

Media Contact:
Katherine Andrios, President